How to tell you have a virus…

How do you know you have a virus?

A computer is a lot like a car in the sense that if your PC starts to operate different it may need a “check up”.

Most viruses are fixable without losing your data!

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell your PC, MAC or other device is infected, here are some ways to tell you are infected:

  • Slow response
  • Sudden shut downs
  • Pop Ups
  • Programs not working correctly or operating unusually slow
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    Email Safety

    Ever get an attachment? Of course you have…

    How do you handle attachments?

    If you don’t know the sender, the answer is easy…

    DELETE IT!!!!

    What about when it’s from someone you know? (that’s the hard one)

    Proceed with caution…

    Here is how:

    1) Save the file FIRST!!

    2) Run an anti-virus scan on it (if it doesn’t automatically)

    3) Open with caution.

    4) Delete the file, if you don’t need it.

    5) Run virus scan once a week (more if you download lots of attachments)

    I hope these tips help, until next time.

    Sam “the IT Guy”

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    MACs and Viruses

    Do Mac’s get viruses?

    This is the age old question.

    The short answer…YES.

    The long answer:

    Mac’s can get viruses, just like a Windows-based PC can.

    The difference is this:

  • Mac’s don’t get viruses even close to as often as PC’s.
  • There is very little support for virus removal with a Mac.
  • Some Mac viruses are difficult to detect.
  • Mac viruses are getting more prevalent and damaging.
  • Bottom line is this…Mac’s are great machines that have a much smaller risk of infection than PC’s. Users should not get the false impression that Mac’s are full-proof.

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    Do you have a business but no online visibility?

    Most businesses build up their storefront but don’t buildup their online front.

    Having an online presence is the cheapest and easiest way to bring in an additional stream of business.

    A well-made and well-marketed website can more than double revenue. It’s like having a second location.

    We can help you design and market a new website or market and/or update your existing website and online presence.

    Contact me for a quote today!

    We can provide solutions for just about any budget!

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    Speed Up Tips

    Here are some quick tips to speed up a slowing PC:

  • Defrag the hard drive once a month.
  • Restart your PC at least every few days.
  • Run a check disk every month.
  • Run a spyware scan every 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Checkout my website for more tips.

    SCR Consulting – Houston

    Choose Maintenance Recommendations.

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    UPS Virus

    Be on the lookout for the UPS Virus. This virus comes as a fake email from what looks like UPS, the delivery company.

    This virus is extremely malicious! If you think you may have gotten it then delete the email immediately and shut down your PC.

    This virus get bad very fast.

    Contact us immediately for help! This is not a do-it-yourself virus.

    The virus came out March 25, 2011.

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    Viruses and their implications

    Viruses come in all types and target different area.  The one thing they share is this:  the faster you get rid of them, the less damage they cause. 

    Businesses are especially vulnerable to threats from viruses because of downtime and legal and ethical implications from viruses stealing confidential information. 

    Individuals can suffer from identity theft after a virus/cyber attack.

    There is no full-proof way to eliminate the threat viruses and spyware pose, but the best solution is a good anti-virus software and regular cross-checks.

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